[CLOSED] Fan Tables Application

Fan Tables are a fannish tradition of common good. If you are part of another convention organization that puts on fannish event and you would like to send representation to Rising ConFusion please fill out the application below.

Costs and Provisions:

  • Fan Tables are limited to selling event registration or event specific paraphernalia.
  • Fan Tables are granted based on space availability (not all applicants will be granted space).
  • Table prices are $0. Limit 1 table (6 ft). Limit 2 chairs
  • Each participant must have a badge to operate a Fan Table.
  • Pre-Registered Badges are $60.
  • Badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to
  • at-the door prices. ($75.00)
  • No more than 2 representatives may be working a Fan Table at any time.
  • Applications are due by December 20, 2021.

Due to our COVID-19 mitigation strategies we are limiting Fan Tables to only our fellow Conventions. We are unable to accommodate fan tables for private organizations, or fandom groups. Thank you for your understanding.

Questions? Email: chair@confuisonsf.org