A call for Volunteers from our Head of Ops

Hello, everyone! I’m Bob Brodis, and I’m serving as ConFusion’s head of Volunteers this year! Are you planning on attending ConFusion in person? Want to make a difference? Want the chance to sleep in our swanky gopher hole for free? It’s not too late to become a valued ConFusion Volunteer! If you’d like to help ensure that this convention goes smoothly and continues to exist for future generations to enjoy, please click the link below to fill out our Volunteer Sign-Up! We anticipate being short-staffed just like everyone else this year and WE NEED YOU to help overcome the additional challenges this pandemic has brought us. Act now, and rest easy knowing you did everything you could to make this year’s ConFusion a great one! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Ops@confusionsf.org.