Host a Room Party!

Are you planning to host a room party at Rising ConFusion?

Yes? Then read our policies and learn how to register your room party below.

There is currently one way to have a party at Rising ConFusion 2022:

Have a party in your hotel room:

  • Our current hotel has no suites on the party floors.
  • All parties held in guest rooms; it will be a regular-sized room with bed/s and such.
  • Unfortunately this hotel has limited storage space and we cannot pull beds.

To be eligible to hold a room party, all hosts must register their room party with Rising ConFusion. This applies to open, public room parties as well as private, invite only parties.

Before you register your room party we need you to Book Your Hotel Room. You must provide your hotel booking confirmation number on your room party application.

Party hosts must complete our application and agree to abide by all policies and guidelines. Failure to register your room party will result in it beng shut down.

ConFusion Party Rules: 

  • ALL Parties MUST fill out our Room Party Request form by DECEMBER 30, 2021.
  • Room Party Host must be a registered member of Rising ConFusion.
  • Party Holder (Room Renter) is responsible for any damage done to hotel property.
  • Flyers must be approved by OPS before hanging.
  • Painters tape (blue tape) is to be used when hanging flyer’s for any parties.
  • No Underage Serving/Drinking. (Each individual who will be serving must sign and adhere to alcohol serving agreement)
  • All Age parties that wish to serve alcohol MUST check ID’s at the point of service.
  • No Adult Activities in the presence of minors.
  • No use of fog machines, incense burning, smoking or other open flame.
  • No use of confetti, glitter, sparkles, dance floor dust, silly string, or bubbles.
  • All Parties must remain on party floors.
  • No alcohol can be transported out of the room party. Room Party Guests may not leave room parties with a beverage in hand. Room party hosts are responsible for stopping participants from taking alcohol out of the room.
  • Private Parties will not be promoted by ConFusion in any way. You must still register a Private Party so we can place it on non-quiet floors.
  • Our COVID-19 Policies require all members to wear masks anywhere within the hotel except for private guest rooms and designated eating areas. We ask Room Party Hosts to help us prevent guests from leaving a party unmasked.
  • Unregistered Parties will be shut down.
  • Party Hosts are responsible for adhering to state and local guidelines for Covid-19.

Ready to register your Room Party? Click Below: