Security & Safety Alert for Members!

Hello the Peoples of Rising ConFusion 2022!

With permission from ConFusion member and presenter, Patrick Tomlinson, I am coming to you to advise you to be aware of a heinous, public cyber stalking situation that Patrick is experiencing. Patrick is being stalked online, and impersonated, by a stalker/group of stalkers with extremely ill intent.

These stalker(s) create fake social media accounts that look identical to Patrick’s legitimate accounts. These stalkers also spoof Patrick’s email address. Then, using the spoofed email address or fake social media account, they begin to contact fellow members and presenters of any event Patrick attends, often sharing extremely inappropriate information – in hopes that communities such as our will take action and end our association with Patrick. In short, these stalkers are mounting a campaign to paint Patrick in a highly unsavory light, and ruin his reputation professionally and personally.

Patrick granted us permission to share this info with you so that you can protect yourself from being confused (no pun intended) by these stalkers, should they attempt to contact you.

If at any point you are contacted by someone claiming to be Patrick Tomlinson, and are uncertain if it is the real Patrick or the stalkers, then email me immediately at I have the accurate email and social media account addresses and can confirm or deny if the contact you received is indeed the real Patrick.

Please do not interact with any fake Patrick Tomlinson accounts you encounter. If on Twitter, report the fake account for impersonation, and block it immediately. If it is an email contact, you can block that as well.

After you have taken steps to protect yourself, won’t you please report any stalkers that contact you to All reports are confidential, and it will allow us to keep track of fake accounts, to help others identify them as such.

As you are all aware, ConFusion does not tolerate harassment in any form. We are doing everything in our power to work with Patrick, and ensure he has a safe and wonderful ConFusion, and we vow to do the same for you.

Thank you Rising ConFusion Community.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, and Stay Healthy.

Lithie Dubois – she/her
Rising ConFusion 2022 ConChair