Fan GoH – Anna Carey

Anna Carey – she/they

You may have met her many moons ago as an energetic teen who was brought to her first con by Bahb, Son of Bob. You may have been there when she got engaged to her now husband, Ryan, during an elven toast. Maybe you attended one of many epic room parties she hosted or listened in as she spouted on about “historically” at a concom meeting. Maybe you’ve just had a simple question at OPs. The point is, even it this is your first year at ConFusion, you’ve probably already met Anna Carey.

Anna is a long time convention runner and a continuous pillar in ConFusion’s inner workings. While project management is her calling both in her professional and con-life, when she’s not doing that you can find her re-reading her favorite series, checking in on the latest binge-able series, cross-stitching something geeky, or chasing her two very kinetic little boys.

2022 marks her 19th ConFusion where she has spent her time taking on almost every roll in ConFusion’s planning, including Vice President of the AASFA Board and Convention Chair. She is convinced that her election as Fan GoH is a ploy by friends and cohorts to get her to relax for a year. But the joke is on them! Instead she let her excitement get the best of her and has once again signed up for ALL THE THINGS!, by volunteering for as many panels as she could possibly do. So if there is a chance that you’ve never heard stories of OPs late night adventures, promenaded through the masquerade, or listened to a breakdown of the 5-3-1 rule, find Anna’s panels. She’ll be there, existing on caffeine and pixie sticks with most of her endurance coming from her sheer spite of FOMS.