Guests of Honor

Rising ConFusion is proud to announce their 2022 Guests of Honor. Each of these people bring a unique, yet brilliantly potent presence to our convention, and they are fans themselves. Rising ConFusion is deeply honored that each of them has accepted our invitation and will be joining us in January 2022!

We’re including short bio’s here, but please do click on their names to be taken to a full page bio for each of these amazing, talented, incredible Guests of Honor!

Pro Guest of Honor: Jim C. Hines

Jim C. Hines – he/him

Jim C. Hines has been attending ConFusion for almost as long as he’s been writing. It’s one of his favorite cons, at least in the blizzard-free years.

While he has written serious fiction on occasion, Jim is best known for more humorous fare, beginning with the Goblin Quest trilogy about a nearsighted goblin runt and his pet fire-spider. He’s also the author of the Princessseries of action-packed fairy tale retellings, the Magic ex Libris books about a magic-wielding librarian from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse trilogy. (The space janitors return in Terminal Peace, which is finally coming out in August of 2022!)

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Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Jordan Steckloff

Dr. Jordan Steckloff – he/him

Dr. Jordan Steckloff is a planetary scientist, currently employed at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. Jordan is interested in the effects of phase changes (e.g., freezing, melting, subliming, condensing) on planetary bodies, and how such phase changes drive changes in the shape, structure, atmospheres, climate, and orbits of planetary bodies. To this end, he has a broad portfolio of current research projects all over the Solar System, studying: how comet impacts populate polar craters on Mercury and the Moon with water ice; how avalanches and ice sublimation changes the surface topography, shapes, spin periods, and orbits or comet nuclei; how chemical interactions within the lakes of Saturn’s largest moon (Titan) affect lake dynamics and change Titan’s climate; exploring which cryogenic chemical mixtures can remain liquid in the outer solar system; and even how the vaporizing surfaces of small exoplanets can trigger orbital migration, and (often) the destruction of the exoplanet. 

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Comics and Creative Arts Guest of Honor: Doselle Young

Doselle Young – he/him

Doselle Young is a Los Angeles-based author, story consultant and graphic novelist. He has written stories for such iconic DC Comics characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and The Authority. He is the author of the twelve-issue limited series The Monarchy (DC/Wildstorm) and has also contributed stories to DC Vertigo’s critically acclaimed anthologies GanglandHeartthrobs and Strange Adventures. In recent years, Doselle has split his creative output between comics, prose fiction and story consulting. 

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Artist Guest of Honor: Rachel Quinlan

Rachel Quinlan – she/her

Rachel Quinlan is an award-winning fantasy artist, based in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. She graduated in 2001 from Michigan State University with a B.F.A. in Studio Art. Working primarily in inks, watercolor, gouache and graphite, she crafts images that are immersive, mysterious, and magical. Her work is heavily influenced by illustrators from the Golden Age and she enjoys exploring themes related to nature, fairy tales, folk lore, mythology and anything strange or unusual.

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Fan Guest of Honor: Anna Carey

Anna Carey – she/they

You may have met her many moons ago as an energetic teen who was brought to her first con by Bahb, Son of Bob. You may have been there when she got engaged to her now husband, Ryan, during an elven toast. Maybe you attended one of many epic room parties she hosted or listened in as she spouted on about “historically” at a concom meeting. Maybe you’ve just had a simple question at OPs. The point is, even it this is your first year at ConFusion, you’ve probably already met Anna Carey.

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