What are people saying about ConFusion?

Another year, another fabulous #ConFusionSF. Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, hotel staff, and all of the fabulous attendees that made it a great experience.— Michael R. Underwood @ Origins (@MikeRUnderwood) January 20, 2019

I want to thank @FiresideFiction again for the free mocktails at the #ConFusionSF bar. So delicious, and I continue to feel that it changes the tone of barcon for the better in several ways. Yay!— Marissa Lingen (@MarissaLingen) January 22, 2019

Spent the GoH dinner talking to @aglance_@joelansdale and @lewisshiner and now karaoke with @mightymur @dianarowland Krissy and others so yep #ConFusionSF is still the best pic.twitter.com/9rstKTwLrW— Gwenda Bond is on deadline ??? (@Gwenda) January 18, 2019

My #ConFusionSF highlights include @MauriceBroaddus singing Prince, watching @gaileyfrey string along Bob Ross w/ @MarkDoesStuff, witnessing the glory of @andrhia telling off staff-bro, hanging out w/ the whole @apexmag gang, the Robots vs. Fairies reading & discussing Hopepunk.— Stacey Filak (@staceyfilak) January 22, 2018

Can’t even believe how happy & recharging a weekend I had. Huge thanks to @ConFusionMI for bringing together such fab people. #confusionsf— Amal El-Mohtar (@tithenai) January 23, 2017

Thank you @ConFusionMI for your work to make #ConfusionSF more accessible! pic.twitter.com/Kk9W7btpn4— Jim C. Hines (@jimchines) January 25, 2016