Please notify Operations if you have any questions or concerns. We can only fix what we are told is broken, and the Operations room is staffed 24 hours to address your needs. Additionally you will be able to call the Front Desk and ask to be transferred to Ops. 

The following policies are in place to help create a safe and fun environment for all attendees, but do not encompass all expectations. State and Federal Laws do not stop at the convention door. 

Badge Policy:

Updated: Feb 2019

Yes, you do need those stinking’ badges! You MUST have your badge with you at all times! Please remember that a con badge will be required for entry to all convention functions, to include the Consuite, Game Room, and all panels. A badge is only recognized if it has a number and is registered to you for the current year. Please do not lend your badge to anyone, as it will result in both the lender and the borrower being ejected from the convention. If you have lost your badge, please visit Ops, as it may have been turned in. Likewise, if you find a badge, please turn it in to Ops. Lost badges will be replaced for free, once; with proper identification. Subsequent replacements will be charged full door price. 

Hotel Policy:

Updated: Feb 2019

Without our hotel, we have no convention. Respecting the hotel’s rules and property is absolutely necessary for the health and well-being of ConFusion! The Hotel has a few easy rules – please pay close attention to them!

  • No Fog Machines anywhere in the hotel. 
  • No Incense or Sustained Flame anywhere in the hotel (Including guest rooms).
  • No use of Confetti, Glitter, Sparkles, Dance Floor Dust, Silly String, or Bubbles. 
  • You must be wearing Shoes and Shirt when you are inside the restaurant space.
  • NO Smoking, Vaping, or E-cigarette use anywhere in the hotel. The designated smoking space is only in the Hotel provided area.  Please Do Not Smoke near the doorways; smoke only in the provided area. 
  • No hanging anything on the walls yourself – you must go through OPS. Any sign found without Ops approval will be removed and destroyed

Alcohol Policy: 

Updated: Feb 2019

Michigan’s minimum drinking age is 21. 

This is not a guideline, but a law, so please don’t expect to be made an exception and please recognize that you will be asked for ID before being served. 

We also reserve the right to stop serving anyone who appears to have overindulged. It is our job to provide fun, but it is also our job to help provide safety too; we appreciate your help with doing both.

If you are sharing from your personal stash of alcoholic beverages please ensure that all recipients are of age. Anyone (or party) found allowing minors to consume alcoholic beverages will immediately be shut down. No warnings. No exceptions!

If you do consume, please Do Not Drive! Michigan has very strict laws and a .08 BAC Limit. If you have been drinking, and you need to be someplace, please contact Operations and they will do whatever is in their power to ensure that you do not have to drive while intoxicated. Please, please, Do Not Drink and Drive. 

Controlled/Illegal Substances Policy:

Updated: Feb 2019

Regardless of your personal views, some drugs are illegal in Michigan. Legal and Medical marijuana notwithstanding, you know what could get you busted. So do we. So do the authorities. Please do us all a favor and just don’t partake. Marijuana Edibles, of any type, are not permitted in ConFusion convention spaces. Keep your personal stash, personal. 

Accessibility Policy: 

Updated: Feb 2019

ConFusion is dedicated to being a welcoming environment for all attendees, regardless of ability or special needs. The Hotel and Convention Committee have planned for easy access to all events and public spaces. Additionally, ConFusion will be providing the following accommodations to help any attendees with a need. If you are in need of these services, please use them. Alternatively, if not personally needed, please be courteous by leaving them open/available to others.

  • ConFusion supports breastfeeding mothers. Mothers are more than welcome to feed their infants in any ConFusion space. If you would like a more private space please visit Ops to gain access to a nursing area for mothers with infants or who need to express. 
  • Wheelchair/Scooter accessible seating in the Consuite/Hotel Restaurant/Panels
  • Seating for hearing/visually impaired in all programmed events
  • Gluten-Free items in the Consuite, along with package labels for any offerings.
  • Amplifying devices are available on loan for the hearing impaired, at Ops.  
  • The Reset Room is located in (To Be Announced). This quiet space is available to anyone who needs a break from convention stress. 

If you are an attendee with disabilities, ConFusion wants to make your experience as fun and entertaining as possible, but there are a few limitations on what can be provided. For example:

  • Programming rooms fill up quickly and all seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so special seating may not be available. Please read your program book and plan your days accordingly. 
  • Autograph sessions are always limited, so it is a good idea to make arrangements to have someone within your group save a spot for you in line. 

ConFusion staff is here to help. By working together we can make the convention experience enjoyable for everyone. If at any time you need help with accessing part of ConFusion please let a staff member know or come to Ops. If you have questions concerning access at ConFusion, please email access@confusionsf.org

In addition, ConFusion has created an Accessibility Checklist with the hopes of addressing as many needs as possible. It is composed of several combined guides and attendee requests, including SFWA and MI-ADA, in an attempt to organize an inclusive and accessible event. This is a living document, if you notice we are lacking a specific service, please email Access@ConFuionSF.org.

You can download the ConFusion 2017 Accessibly Checklist HERE or at OPS on-site. PLEASE NOTE: As plans for 2020 advance we will update this checklist.

Costume Policy:

Updated: Feb 2019

Costumes must be tasteful and cover the appropriate areas of the body. This means what is illegal outside of the convention is still illegal inside the convention. Also, children and teens will be about, especially during daytime hours. Keep it PG-13!

Costume items that contain or use an open flame or heating elements are not allowed. Also forbidden are any elements that could endanger or harm another person, his/her/their belongings, or our convention venue’s surfaces. Please be Safe, Sane and Sensible!

BDSM – Public Lewdness Policy:

Updated: Feb 2019

Many fans enjoy this opportunity to flaunt their leather, lace, PVC, duct tape, and other costuming choices, often with very skin presenting results. Please keep in mind, though, that “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” includes bystanders and other convention members! Please adhere to the legal regulations concerning nudity and cover the essential “bits” while in public areas of the Convention and Hotel.

No BDSM equipment should be demonstrated in public areas, so we ask that you get your whips, floggers, cat ‘o’ nine-tails, crops, and other implements of BDSM fun peace-bonded at Ops. What you do with them in your own room is your business, but please be aware that other con-goers did not consent to see you flogging your partner in the hallway!

Props & Weapons Policy: 

Updated: Feb 2019

Props should be carried and posed with in a way that does not inconvenience or injury attendees.

Bladed Weapons and replica firearms are allowed at ConFusion, either as parts of costumes or as dealer displays. Blades that are part of costumes much be peace-bonded, and can only be displayed openly when worn as part of the entire costume. Blades and/or Firearms should never be carried openly, by themselves, in the hotel. All Weapons must be peace-bonded at Ops by a staff member, regardless of functionality.

Replica and Toy Firearms are allowed, but not weapons which can actually fire any potentially damaging projectiles (or which ever could have). That means that actual pistols and rifles, BB Guns, Crossbows, and similar weaponry are not allowed, even if they have been altered so that they no longer fire – Convention staff can not take responsibility for evaluating the weapon. 

Also, no weapon, whether it be replica, toy, or anything else, can be brought to the convention if it contains any gunpowder or any other explosive in ANY quantity. This means that caps for caps guns, blanks for starter pistols, or anything with potential for explosion or fire will not be permitted.