The AASFA Call for 2023 Guest of Honor nominations open.

The Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association invites the community to submit their nominations for 2023 Guests of Honor.

Each year the AASFA holds a community picnic where we vote on nominated Guests of Honor. The results are tabulated and then handed to the future Conchair, for them to invite the GoH’s the community voted upon. Due to the pandemic, AASFA has been unable to hold their annual picnic. For 2022, we’re choosing to open nominations for 2023 Guests of Honor, and then holding a Voting event during Rising ConFusion.

ASSFA is opening the call for 2023 Guests of Honor nominations. Please fill out our form below, which is open until midnight (ET) on Jan. 19, 2022. Nominations will be collected, placed into a voting ballot and members may vote on the nominees at Rising ConFusion. on Saturday, Jan 22, at 11:00am in Ballroom D – Big Top.

You do not have to attend Rising ConFusion in order to suggest a GoH Nominee for voting consideration.

This purpose of this form is for our community to offer suggested Guest of Honor Nominations for the following categories:

Pro Guest of Honor – Someone highly regarded in their SF/F Field of work.
Science Guest of Honor – Someone highly regarded for their work in the field of Science.
Fan Guest of Honor – Someone from our community who is held in high regard in the Fandom community.
Art/Creative Guest of Honor – Someone highly regarded for their work within the Creative Arts Field of SF/F

***AASFA reserves the right to refuse any suggested GoH nomination if such suggested nomination is found to be inappropriate or lacking the requested information.

Ready to Nominate 2023 Guests of Honor?

We look forward to your nominations as we continue to look towards future events.
The AASFA Board of Directors