Announcing The 2022 Program Schedule!

Greetings the Peoples of Rising ConFusion 2022! We’re thrilled to announce the 2022 Rising ConFusion Schedule.

Presenters, Game Masters and Guests of Honor should have received an invite to our Sched, so that each may access their individual profile. From there you will be able to examine your presenter schedule, as well as create a personal schedule of events you’d like to attend.

Members of the con may visit the Sched and sign up to create a profile, and then select your personal schedule.

Sched’s feedback ability will open one hour prior to each scheduled event. Be sure to leave feedback during your time at Rising ConFusion.

We hope that everyone is aware that even though the schedule is complete, it can be in flux. From this point forward, throughout the physical event itself, all changes will appear on our Sched, immediately. Please reference the online version of Sched for the most up-to-date schedule for Rising ConFusion.

Thank you Team Programming; Emily, Annalee, Jeff, Jen, Sharon, Ska, and Brenna. You’ve worked hard and been excellent. To every Presenter, thank you for sharing your knowledge and time and passions.

Hooray! It’s Schedule Day!!

Questions? Issues? Email:

Lithie Dubois – she/her
Rising ConFusion 2022 Chair